Viridesco – High-Test Dragon Tears Vape Carts

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We comprehensively nano-filter honey oil to create Viridesco Dragons Tears oil, our most refined smoking and vaping oil.

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 80.2% Cannabinoids!  This includes 75.7% THC!

Sizes available: 0.5mL and 1mL

Tank: durable polished ceramic, fitting a 510-thread (the most common battery type).

Our tanks are made of impervious white ceramic to preserve terpenes and deliver the purest flavour experience!


Delta-9 THC 75.7 379
CannaBiGerol 2.31 12
CannaBiChromene 0.93 5
Delta-9 THC-V 0.40 2
CannaBiNol 0.35 2
Other Cannabinoids 0.50 3
TOTAL 80.2 401



Delta-9 THC 75.7 757
CannaBiGerol 2.31 23
CannaBiChromene 0.93 9
Delta-9 THC-V 0.40 4
CannaBiNol 0.35 4
Other Cannabinoids 0.50 5
TOTAL 80.2 802

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